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Mountain-eering Srl is the first Spin-off of the University of Trento and is a technological company of the IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige. The company has a main site in Bolzano (Italy) at NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige and a satellite office in Trento (Italy). We provide services in the following sector: analysis of natural hazards, finalized to the prevision/ mitigation of the hazard and to the defense of vulnerable infrastructures; hydrological analysis of mountain environments (e.g. rivers, glaciers, high mountain), finalized to the quantification of the water resources and identification of possible future scenarios; environmental measures (topographical surveys finalized to the measurements of rivers and mitigation structures and water measures in rivers and soil).


Extreme meteorological have always occurred in nature. Avoiding these events is impossible, however it is recommendable to be aware of where and, possibly, when, the extreme event may happen and so to be prepared to manage the phenomenon.


You can’t manage, what you can’t measure. The management of any environmental issue (one could say about any issue), may be taken if there are available measures on the variables under consideration and the surrounding environment.


Sediment may need to be managed for a number of reasons, including sediment removal or deposition for flood defence purposes; sediment removal and reinstatement for fisheries interest; aggregate extraction and land drainage.